Do I have to pay to join as a MyShowcase Ambassador?

No, it is completely free to join!

Who can be an MyShowcase Ambassador?

Anyone! We want to make it easy for any woman over 18 to become a MyShowcase Ambassador.

Who would make a good MyShowcase Ambassador?

Anyone who...loves beauty, would like to top up their income, is beautifully social or already works in beauty!

Do I need to be a beautician or have beauty training?

No. We welcome all women, regardless of previous experience. Our network of Ambassadors and Stylists is diverse and includes those with and without beauty training.

Can I be a MyShowcase Ambassador and work full or part time?

Yes, we offer a flexible career opportunity that fits around you, your lifestyle and your family.

What are my commission levels?

Earn a minimum of 10% on anything that you sell, with the potential to increase to 30% depending on how much you sell. You can also earn up to 3% commission on sales made by Ambassadors you've introduced to MyShowcase PLUS on anything you purchase for yourself.

Can I earn commission on orders I place for myself?

Yes! Ambassadors receive the same commission on personal orders that they earn on customer orders.

How will I keep track of my commission and customer orders?

As an Ambassador, you'll have access to a free online account and a whole set of marketing tools to help you generate sales and track your commissions.

Will I have to create my own imagery to post on social media and promote my business?

No! Our fab marketing team are constantly creating fresh content for you to share and promote on social media, but you can also access our bank of imagery to create your own if you would like.

Can I build a team of Ambassadors?

Absolutely! You can build a team as big or as small as you'd like by recruiting other Ambassadors into your business. You'll even make up to 3% on anything they sell!