BACK TO OFFICE BLUES? Or pinks, yellows & greens ..?

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MyShowcase have a solution to this post festivity/start of year downer: nail polish. And not just any nail polish. We have the best shades money can buy - from Face Stockholm, the brand celebrated for its unrivalled colour palette, to New CID, whose polishes light up to show you where you're painting, and T Leclerc, whose gold is like liquid satin ..

The great thing about nail polish now is that the palette is so huge, the shades so varied and the nuances within those shades so great, that those shades previously considered only suitable for hands belonging to someone aged 16, can now be worn by adults too, providing you get the right shade. Grey, for example, is a great on-trend suit-all shade: it looks as good in the office as it does at dinner. But dove grey is kinder on older hands than slate, just as soft gold is more wearable than bright yellow. Actually, if you love yellow, the way to wear it is on one fingernail (your little finger) with the rest of your nails painted gold, soft grey or white ..



nail the neons

So getting your nail colour right all comes down to the subtle nuances of shades. This is especially true where the neons go. Those hot pinks, yellows and brilliant blues that were so popular last year and will be again this summer? To get away with them choose the pink with a shot of blue in it (and no irridescence), wear a really luminescent yellow on ONE fingertip - keeping the rest white or soft grey, and instead of bright turquoise try a bright airforce or cornflower blue like Face Stockholm Nail Polish #148 - the best blue nail paint I've ever found.

do the darks

Curiously, dark nail polishes - the berries and blacks that New CID do so well - are the most forgiving nail colours you can wear. If your nails aren't in as good shape as they might be, a good dark polish will cover a multitude of sins because of the way it reflects surface light. Also, dark nail polish was made for short nails. There is a trend now for nails to be shaped into a sharp point - a sort of retro 1970's talon look - but way too Goth for dark. The best way to wear the berries and blacks is on short, rounded nails. Keep the talons for red varnish.

Long-lasting contemporary and classic colours for every beauty junkie. Use a base and top coat for a pro at home mani.