Matte Attack: the lip look that's everywhere

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BRUSH UP: 3 new eyeshadow skills

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FIRST LOOK: winter red lips

There are some gorgeous lip darks in this seasons palettes, but the standout lip for me this season the one determined to perfect is the cherry mouth, created by Dick Page for Marc for Marc Jacobs AW 13 runway show.  >>

PLUCK & TIDY: Brow Masterclass

Never underestimate the power of the well groomed brow: they can lift your face and make it look younger.  >>

POWDER POWER: Summer's Best Base?

Face powders come in two basic forms: pressed and loose. I tend to evaluate them on the basis of whether they go on sheer, shiny, chalky or heavy, and whether they are too pink, peach, ash or rosy.  >>

BLUSH MAGIC: how cheek colour wipes years off a face

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Gloss Addicts: Polish Your Smile

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New Naturals: The Rise Of Pure Beauty

One of the main reasons natural has taken off in beauty, along with a demand for organic food, is our quest for simpler answers to more stressful lives. >>

BB Creams: The Bottom Line On Blemish Balms

The very word foundation once implied heaviness; and while we wanted young-looking skin - more so than ever - most of us realised that masking a face with a layer of immovable colour, which is what most foundations did, piled the years on.  >>

Fresh Start: for your makeup brushes

It's a CHORE, but as any makeup artist or dermatologist will tell you, it's important to clean your makeup brushes regularly, even if all you use is a lip brush. >>

Your Big Day? Be a beautiful bride

One of the things that I REMEMBER best from my WEDDING day was the trauma of my MAKEUP. >>