MATT ATTACK: a sneak peak of next season's lip look

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Always RUN SCARED of MATT? Time to get over it. Next season we are going to be inundated with matt lipsticks and tints, and the colours are GOING to be no less FORGIVING either: rich and dark REDS, berries and browns. We'll be wearing these with midi skirts. Now, while fear of matt lipstick is unfounded - there is a way that everyone can wear it - I'll need convincing by fashion that the same is true of calf-length skirts ..

Like most cosmetics, the thing about matt lipstick - the way to make it work for you - is to prime your lips properly before you apply it, and to wear the right colour. Follow these rules and actually anyone can wear matt - even red ..

1. Prepare lips for colour by gently buffing them with an old toothbrush or your face muslin. This removes dead skin which will make the surface look uneven - especially visible when you wear matt lipstick.

2. Nourish with a balm. Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm is one of my favourites.

3. Allow time for balm to absorb and settle, then get out your lipstick and a brush. Even if you don't use a brush to apply lipstick normally it's a good idea with matt and with darker colours because you can get the colour more accurate. Load the brush up with colour from the lipstick and apply it, gently pressing it into your lips to stain them with the pigment.

4. You probably won't need to blot with a tissue, but if the colour is dark sometimes it's a good idea to do this to discourage bobbling. Apply another layer straight after.

5. How to choose the right colour? There's a very simple science to this. Matt lipstick tends to have a slimming effect on lips - rather like matt opaque tights. Dark colours have the same effect. So if your lips are on the thin side choose a brighter red/ pinky red or soft brown, and if you would like to give your lips less presence go for the dark berries, browns or richer reds: look no further than Face Stockholm Matt Lipstick in shade Stunning. Way to go.