“A cornerstone brand in the beauty business for two decades, I grew up as a beauty writer alongside the evolution of this aromatherapy line and am its biggest fan”



Award-winning, deep-acting luxury aromatherapy blends

Aromatherapy Associates' passion for essential oils stems from their therapeutic benefits which work on skin, body and mind. They have harnessed this knowledge to deliver award-winning luxury bath and body products that work on a deeper level to allow your natural radiance and beauty to shine through.

Geraldine Howard, Aromatherapy Associates Co-Founder, truly believed that an enriching aromatherapy experience nurtures the body and boosts the spirits. Tracey Woodward’s, Aromatherapy Associates CEO, mission is to be the guardian of Geraldine's vision: “We will continue to build on her legacy by sharing the true power of essential oils and their therapeutic benefits to the skin, body & mind.”





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