“So refined, these oils have been mixed with the touch of a true aromatherapy alchemist”



"A capsule line of quality oils and soaps to enhance the pleasure of bathing & bodycare."

Rebecca, who has been practising aromatherapy for 20 years, believes beauty comes from happiness (beatitude means a state of supreme happiness!) and thinks that, in aiding relaxation, it can be a real solution for stressful lives.

Her exceptional bath oils are high in essential oils to ensure a proper therapeutic effect, mixed to disperse in water, so not make you (or the bath) slippery and greasy, and presented in beautiful French glass decanters.

I've always wanted to make beautiful aromatherapy products of the highest quality that improve wellbeing and give the best alternative to professional aromatherapy treatments.


1. Warm a little body oil in the palm of your hands before massaging in circular motions.

2. Pour a teaspoon or two into running bath water, close the door and relax for as long as possible to feel the therapeutic benefits.

3. Trouble sleeping? Try pouring a little Peace oil onto a cotton pad and tucking into bed linen a.s you sleep





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