“Great colours and formulas, and I love the surprise factor to these cosmetics - you need to try them to find out what it is”



"A collection of high-performance cosmetics with innovative applications and in supremely wearable colours."

"Women always face the same challenges with makeup – they're overwhelmed by choice and often don't know where to begin to find the right cosmetics" explains founder Kelly Colman. That was my inspiration. I'm not a makeup artist and can identify with and understand what women of all ages want from makeup – simplicity, wear ability and application".

In particular Kelly has made clever application features her USP: New CID lipsticks, glosses and blushers have integral mirrors and lights to help ensure accuracy – always helpful for doing a quick retouch in the back of a dark taxi.

"I'd like my makeup to empower women and make them feel great about themselves"


1. To open up eyes, use our flesh-toned i-Open pencil inside the waterline.

2. When powdering your face, pay attention to the hairline and t-zone as these areas can create the most shine.

3. Our i-Glow highlighter in the shade Sirocco can also be used as a neutral, shimmery eye shadow.

4. For the best lashes, apply a thick coat of mascara whilst zig-zagging the brush back and forth.

5. When concealing under the eyes, try to use a shade lighter than your skin tone to lift and brighten.





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