“Another small acorns to great oaks story. The product does what it says on the tin. So it's no surprise that it's one of our best sellers”



"Natural, no-nonsense, deeply moisturising skin butters created to soothe and comfort dry, compromised skin."

"My brand began as a labour of love"

"My grandmother was diabetic and didn't get on with the foot products she was prescribed. So I made her a non-greasy cream to ease the associated dryness and sensitivity. I'd always been fascinated by the stories of her homeland Guyana – how visiting a doctor was a luxury, and that people would crush, boil and blend plants to make remedies for ailments".

This, and the success of her first cream, inspired Marva to make real work-horse products to ease issues like chronic dryness, and be a pleasure to use.

"My mantra is 'naturally no-nonsense skincare' and my products really do what they say on the tin".





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