“Beauty in form and function: this is one of those rare beauty inventions that comes along and revolutionises our regimes. The simplest and cleverest innovation for nails in years”



The original wearable nail polish holder

When Mark and Elizabeth, self-styled ‘workaholic problem solvers’, discovered that nail polish is used by a whopping 71% of women they decided to invent something to aid its application after also learning about issues with shaking hands, smearing, smudging and where to put the bottle when in a car or train, on a bed or couch, in a bathtub even.

So they bought every nail polish bottle on the market to identify the perfect size crown, then made Tweexy in soft silicone with two expandable rings so it fits securely on a finger. And it works brilliantly: this really is one of those inventions that it’s hard to believe we have managed without until now.





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