“Never underestimate the power of light in beauty - it takes years off you when applied well to cosmetics. This brand is a simple triumph in light reflective beauty, and its got the looks to match”



"Clever makeup based on the beauty-boosting powers of light reflection to illuminate and volumise."

Saif Pathan

Taking inspiration from the way light enhances beauty, Glo Ray founder Saif Pathan has created a line of contemporary cosmetics which illuminate and volumise with light-reflective pigments. The name Glo Ray comes from 'Glo', a gentle radiance, and 'Ray', a vibrant beam of light. Products contain natural mineral particles and have a wonderfully silky texture, so they apply smoothly, last well and maximise features, complexion and contours with their reflective qualities.

" My aim is to provide the tools to illuminate every woman’s stunning individuality"

His concept is clever – this is the only cosmetic brand entirely based on the concept of beauty through light, and where Saif has been extra clever is in the fun way he has presented his cosmetics, making them great personal purchases and gifts to others.

Saif Pathan





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