“Our Stylists were always going to be key to spreading the word about my brand!”

Kate Shapland


"Apply to fly: a powerful shaping and energising cream for heavy, tired legs"

Legology is the brand developed by MyShowcase co-founder Kate Shapland. "Regular readers of my beauty page in the Telegraph Magazine might have picked up on my obsession with legs", explains Kate.

"What began as a crusade against cellulite turned into an out-and-out passion for legs' wellbeing. I felt there was little that properly addressed the real issues women have with their legs, from fluid retention (often behind cellulite) to high heel fatigue, workout stiffness and long haul tightness, so I created it myself". Air-Lite is a workhorse which contours, comforts and energises. Kate developed it with a French chemist and perfumer Robert created its uplifting "Capri Crush" lemon scent. "I was inspired by the elegant, inclusive way therapists at The Leg School on Capri treated patients legs", Kate reveals.

"I wanted my product to put the same carefree spring in your step as a day in the vivifying Mediterranean sea and sun with every application. Add a pair of heels and you can conquer the world".


1. Stimulate - massage your legs, use a body brush and get active: one of the keys to great legs is regular stimulation.

2. Rest - when your legs are tired and puffy, rest them up against a wall for five minutes to help fluids run back up.





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