“I've known Cassandra for more years than I dare admit, and I love the way she has put such a strong signature on scented candles. Her fragrances are sublime be prepared to be swept away”



"Charming & evocative scented candles inspired by life in a Spanish mountain village"

Cass and Jonathan Hall’s labour of love began when they moved from London to a remote Valencian village, surrounded by mountains and clean, fragrant air.

“Taking our dogs out for walks at first light, we noticed a heavenly fragrance in the air”, Cass reveals.

"It’s the perfume of wild mountain herbs – of fennel, rosemary, mountain pepper and intoxicating rockrose”. The alchemy of these aromas, blended naturally on the breeze, weaves such a magical spell that they were inspired to capture it as a scented candle. And capture it they did, with the help of talented perfumer Anastasia Brozler, creating their remarkable signature candle, First Light.

And on they went, after that, to develop more candles, each scented to evoke memories and dreams of the Mediterranean and holidays in the sun.





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