“Colour. Colour. Colour. We all need it in our lives and few do it as well as Face Stockholm”



"A Swedish beauty line offering a rainbow of makeup colours from Sweden's colour guru"

Gun Nowak founded this brand in 1982 because she felt makeup offered no proper colour – nothing bright or cheerful, everything seemed to be neutral. At the time she owned three fashion boutiques in Sweden, so she took inspiration from the neon colours that were fashionable for clothes at the time for her makeup, producing an almost unrivalled palette of rainbow colours.

As the range developed she added skin and body care, making her brand one of the most comprehensive in the world. Her business mantra? "Persistence – never give up in the face of inevitable adversities. See them as a challenge and use them to your advantage. And a little humour always seems to help too!"

"I just love colour!"

Gun Nowak


1. Use the 'Perfect' Face Stockholm lip pencil to correct any red lipstick smudges. The green colour corrects and neutralises the red.

2. Apply Face Stockholm's Lip Fix before lipstick to smooth and prep the lips, making colour last longer.

3. Try using a little Face Stockholm's creme highlighter on décolletage to illuminate and add radiance.





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