“The best ideas always come from the heart. The founder behind this brillant concept pursued her quest to create a remedy to a skin issue she had and knew many others did too. Mission complete.”



"A pioneering body care line developed to treat the rough, dry, bumpy skin condition keratosis pilaris"

Ameliorate is a perfect example of how a beauty brand can grow out of personal experience: founder Annette Luck has suffered from keratosis pilaris (KP) – a common, harmless condition in which skin becomes rough and bumpy as if covered in goosepimples – for much of her life, and having spent years fruitlessly seeking a solution for KP or ‘chicken skin’ as some call it – she made it herself.

Annette worked with a renowned chemist to perfect a unique formula of moisturisers and skin-smoothing lactic acid for two years before she brought her ground-breaking body lotion to market. Its success has been such that she has now added two complementary treatments to the range.

"My brand was born out of frustration.
Nothing worked, so I developed my own solution."

Annette Luck





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