“These non-toxic nail polishes, in such a spectacular rainbow of colours, had me at hello. And that was before I discovered that they have been developed by a top model ”



"A range of fashion-forward, non-toxic nail colours with impeccable resistance and a super-shiny finish."

Brazilian supermodel Kartika Luyet, founder of this unique nail colour and care brand, had the idea for a line of non-toxic varnishes a decade ago when she was pregnant.

“I started to be more and more conscious of what I was putting in my body. I chose as much as possible to eat organic and this interest naturally drifted to my cosmetic choices. Much as I love nail polish, I stopped wearing it for months after my baby was born – I just couldn’t find a less-toxic varnish which would guarantee longevity and decent shiny colors – and I was still searching years later. Eventually I got together with a close friend (who also happens to have been in the cosmetics industry for 20 years) and seriously started to look into developing our own range"

The result is Kure Bazaar, a nail polish brand which is a huge hit with top manicurists and beauty editors, and the very first 100% natural solvent to go with them.





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