“David and Asher have sexed-up the electrical cleansing brush – a new beauty staple which, until now, has never had much bathroom curb appeal. White is not the only colour!”



"The skin & body brushes that will revolutionise your beauty regime"

Young entrepreneurs David Randall and Asher Nathan founded Magnitone London in 2013 after leaving their respective careers in the corporate beauty world. They shared a common passion for demystifying the electrical beauty market – a sector which is really taking off in the UK. They wanted to create a brand that delivered simple daily use products that would dovetail into our busy lives and deliver tangible benefits that didn't need a scientist to measure. In other words they want the user to get fast and ongoing benefits from using the beauty brushes, and in that they have triumphed: in a recent survey, 99.1% of users said they would recommend Magnitone to a friend.

Magnitone uses active electromagnetic technology to gently cleanse, tone and exfoliate skin. The results – within a week for most people – are softer, smoother and clearer skin.


1. If you're new to electronic cleansing, try switching your brush to the sensitive mode for the first few days.

2. You can use the brushes in the bath or shower and with your favourite cleanser.

3. Fake tan lover? Use The Exfoliator brush head & Body mode before application for silky smooth skin and a natural-looking, streak-free tan.

4. Try the Soft + Sensitive brush head with PulseLift mode to tone skin and enhance the absorption of your daily moisturisers, creams and serums.

5. Gently exfoliate without scrubbing, just let the Magnitone brush to do the work...allow it glide gently over your skin.





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