“Beautiful natural fragrances, stunning packaging: I've been hooked on this brand for years. It's just brilliant to be able to give it an exclusive platform in the UK via MyShowcase”



"A charming collection of perfumed oils inspired by gemstones and mixed by a Californian girl."

"I do what a love, I do it with a passion and I do it my way", explains Sage Machado. Sage has a shop in LA, a treasure trove of delights behind Beverly Boulevard which is an A-lister destination. She opened it in 1998, starting out as a jewellery designer, and progressed into creating clothes and fragrance as distinctive pieces which represent her 'luxe boho' style.

"My fragrances are as much a signature of my style as the rest of my designs", she says. "I made them with real 'perfumistas' in mind – so they are tiny enough to carry around in your handbag but too cute too hide".

"I believe fragrance should be part of you, always on you, which is why I made my natural perfumed oils travel-sized."

Sage Machado


Roll my perfumes over your pulse points - wrists or behind your ears, you can even apply them behind your knees or to your decollate.





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