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"The softest, creamiest face soap in the world and a powerful detox oil from a holistic aromatherapist."

My greatest joy is when I see clients trust my products and benefit from plant essences”, says holistic aromatherapist Kirstie Garrett, founder of EBO, Essential Beauty Oils (formerly called Baby Face). Her cleansing bar was borne out of demand – many of her clients liked using soap to cleanse but couldn’t find gentle, natural bars – and is created with protein-rich asses’ milk (real food for the skin) from wild donkeys that roam the Basque region in France, where she lives.

Kirstie also knows how to mix a good detox oil – hers is one of the best you’ll ever find, and her beauty mantra is "daily routine and repetition equals reward".

"When I started to use Baby Face soap myself everyone commented on the tone and brightness of my skin."


1. Try slicing the Baby Face soap into smaller pieces so that the whole bar doesn't get messy on the side of the sink.

2. For more effective results, try leaving the leaving the soap on your face, like a mask for a few minutes once it has emulsified.

3. Replace your exfoliator - the marshmallow ingredient in the soap also acts gently exfoliates.





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