“So simple, so effective. Lanolin has been the bad boy of beauty undeservedly for long. Bravo Pontine for bringing it back into the fold”

kate shapland


"The photo shoot secret lip treat found in every makeup artist's kit bag "

"I came up with the idea for my special lip balm in the lobby of the Savoy Hotel in Milan", says artist Pontine Paus. "I was telling a friend how I'd been using nipple cream on my lips for years and how it's the only thing that works to keep them nourished."

The original nipple cream contains lanolin, once a pillar ingredient in beauty, but which fell out of favour because of increasing prices and cheaper substitutes. Now, of course, it's back in fashion because it's such a magic nourisher, and you'll find Pontine's balm in catwalk makeup artists' kits backstage at the shows from London to New York, Milan and Paris.

"I suddenly realised I had to recreate this balm for the lip".


1. Slick over eyebrows to smooth and shape

2. Moisturise and nourish split ends

3. Prevent dry cuticles

4. Sooth small cuts and abrasions

5. Prime lips before adding colour to prevent blotching