“The Lumity world? Exclusive spas, beauty clinics and Hollywood bathrooms. All those places inhabited by women who invest in themselves and who don't have time for beauty that doesn't deliver”



A pioneering anti-ageing whole body supplement

Research scientist Sara's inspiration for developing her pioneering supplements was the age-old quest to retain the energy and radiance of our youth as we grow older and wiser - is it possible to blossom and thrive as we mature? Looking at the way stress, nutrition and lack of sleep impact on the way we age, Sara identified key nutrients that support the body's repair processes, and blended them into oral formulas that would nourish skin, hair and nails - revitalising every cell - morning and night. After months of testing she launched Lumity this year as the first supplement to address all the ageing processes within our bodies and in doing so improve our daily life. Lumity, she says, is "more than beautiful skin, it's a new inner glow".





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