“I'm mad about the idea of a tummy expert! Looking good is feeling good, so it goes without saying that supplements which support digestive health would have a home at MyShowcase”



"Supplementary support for the gut & digestive health developed by a leading natural therapist"

Inspired by how her grandfather, a master herbalist, restored his health with homemade tinctures after being wounded in the First World War, Linda trained as a complementary therapist in a number of practices and specialises in IBS, having founded a digestive health and gut disorder clinic in 2005, one of the most successful in the UK.

Linda believes that good digestive health supports a healthy immune system, clear skin and general wellbeing, and spent years developing a dedicated digestive health range, based on live bacteria (probiotics) and plant-based enzymes, to support sufferers who were on an increasingly long waiting list to see her, alongside others with poor digestive health.

"In my clinic I see first-hand what happens when the digestive system isn't working as it should. I developed my brand so sufferers can live life fully, without 'tummy troubles'."

Linda Booth





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