“The evolution of the cosmetic sponge. You can use these to do everything from applying foundation to face cream & tidying eye & lip colour”



"Latex free, non-allergenic multi-purpose makeup sponges"

Hollywood-trained makeup artist Nicole McEvoy, a MAC Pro Artist with a background in cosmetics brand retail, developed these fine sponges to perfect the application and finish of makeup. Like all great makeup artists she believes that the way skin is prepared for makeup is key to a totally seamless finish, and she knows from experience that a superb sponge – to apply everything from serum and primer to foundation, powder and blusher – is half the battle.

Her latex-free sponges are revolutionary in that they don’t soak up excess product (most sponges absorb and waste up to 60% of product with each application) and are designed to deposit just the right amount of product onto your skin; they can also be used to detail eyeliner and shadow, clean up the lip line and any eye makeup smudges.





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