“I love the way these prescriptive serums allow you to tailor your own skincare regime to suit your needs - genius!”



"Precious prescriptive serums – the first ever to offer powerful cosmeceutical benefits via organic ingredients"

"We set out to create the first organic cosmeceutical range for stressed skin and to do that we combined ingredients from extreme eco systems that are clinically proven to be beneficial to skin".

Having identified stress as a root skin concern – because it triggers irritation and inflammation which age skin, causing hyper-pigmentation, acne, redness and dryness – she developed a five powerful serums that give effective solutions to such issues.

'Natural' wasn't enough: Laura searched the four corners of the globe to find the most powerful organic ingredients for her products, and found that plants sourced in extreme environments – the Arctic, Antarctic, Alpes, Chilean Andes and Tibet – held the key because of their hardiness.

"These plants must work really hard to adapt to their surroundings to thrive and survive so I took an extreme naturals perspective for my S5 serums".

Laura Rudoe

The five prescriptive serums can be blended with moisturiser or layered to suit your skin type or concerns.


1. Remove all makeup and cleanse your face before applying our serums - that way the ingredients really get to work.

2. Winter weather can play havoc with sensitive skin making a dedicated winter skincare regime a necessity.

3. Make sure you have plenty of essential fatty acids in your diet: they can boost winter skincare from the inside by making sure cells retain enough moisture

4. Blend our Replenish serums in with a moisturiser and use as a night treatment.





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