“A rare and wonderful thing: this hair care line uses natural cleansers and performs as well for both hair and scalp”

kate shapland


Chemical-free hair care for sensitive scalps.

We can’t count the number of times Stylists and customers have asked Kate to find haircare for sensitive scalps – there is big demand for non-irritating shampoos and conditioners, in other words without harsh chemicals in them, for sufferers of troubled scalps, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Evolve, a natural brand developed by Laura Rudoe and Violaine Bargues (who are also behind the brilliant S5 Skincare), uses natural sugar and coconut cleansers, organic shea butter and baobab (a fabulous natural conditioner) to care for hair without upsetting the scalp. Evolve is the first sensitive scalp haircare brand Kate has found that does this without making hair look like straw – it performs like magic for both, which is a challenge to achieve.