“Antonia is one of the most talented facialists I know. Her knowledge of skincare is huge and she's moved mountains to bring this range to market. Always the sign of a passionate entrepreneur”



"The epitome of eco-luxury, these skin treatments harness the anti-ageing qualities of natural actives"

“I wanted to create a brand that offers luxe or eco-luxe natural anti-ageing solutions”, says facialist Antonia Burrell, who founded her brand in 2010. “I was inspired by some of my clients who wanted natural solutions to skin ageing and problems like adult acne and pigmentation”.

Like many of the best beauty entrepreneurs, Antonia initially mixed her own formulas on her kitchen table and would take her concoctions to her salons for clients to try. After launching she spent hours on the road tracking down producers of quality natural antioxidant ingredients. “I was lucky to meet talented specialists along the way who understood my vision and helped me achieve it”.

"The smell! My products have an underlying, powerful, unique and distinct aroma."


1. Try mixing the Luminous Light Polishing Powder with the Forest Dew Skin Tonic instead of water to create a super effective exfoliator.

2. When using the Natural Glow Cleansing Oil, remember to add warm water to it once applied to the face, it will then transform into a creamy milk.





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