“Sunscreens that condition your skin: makes sense doesn't it? Vita Liberata covers all bases with these cutting-edge products. Now go and enjoy the sun safely!”



"Broadspectrum sunscreens with potent anti-ageing benefits to preserve skin while you enjoy the sun"

Founder Alyson Hogg is famous for creating a line of high performance self tan products that would safely give even the palest skin a ‘luxury tan’. Her new line of sunscreens, enhanced with exotic skin conditioning ingredients passionflower, neroli and argan oil, are the logical next step on from that.

Like many of us she is allergic to many of the preservatives in sunscreens, so needed to address this because she likes to use protection every day. "So I've created a suncare range that offers medium and high protection, is kind and soothing to the skin, offers superior nourishment, feels good to wear, and contains no chemicals of concern"

"It was really important to me to create a SPF (sun protection factor) collection that truly cares for the skin while protecting it"





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