“Crushed gemstones, salts and crystals - this is the modern alchemist's remedy for stress”



Holistic remedies created with essential oils, salts, crushed gemstones and crystals to support the stress of daily life.

Named by Vogue as one of the top 10 aromatherapists in the world, Michelle Roques-O’Neil is fascinated by aromatherapy’s power to heal, her focus being on the long term wellbeing benefits of these formulas.

"Healing, especially through the senses of smell and touch, has always been my passion", she explains. "Balancing the mind and helping the body release tensions frees us to experience life as less stressful and more magical".

Her products – celebrated for being powerful and refined – are inspired by her hands-on experience and deep knowledge of physical and emotional healing disciplines.

It's a modern alchemist’s aromatherapy range which, along with essential oils, harnesses the power of natural wonders like Himalayan pink salt, crystal powders and ground gemstones to enhance product potency.





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