“Squeaky clean beauty! This is as pure as it gets - batch made by the founder in her own lab in Latvia, voted the country's greenest & cleanest”



"High quality plant extract-based formulas, with organic ingredients from ‘the greenest enterprise in Latvia’"

A passion for nature and the desire for a greener and cleaner life was the inspiration behind this pure Latvian brand.

Co-founder Lotte discovered that hi-tech skincare and certain ingredients caused her skin to react, and through a blog she writes about ‘clean’ cosmetics she met two likeminded women – green lifestyle advocates – who shared hers and her sister Paula’s vision for setting up a natural beauty company.

The four women named their business after the sweet-scented Madara plant that grows in the meadows and seaside dunes of northern Latvia, and which is symbolic for its wellbeing qualities having been used for centuries to cure ailments and enhance beauty.





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