“My first choice for our first grooming range because it combines two things that appeal to men: a little bit of convention and lot of progress, both in its formulas and packaging”



"A hardworking men's grooming range with conventional credibility."

Ex-banker, Olivier now has four walk-in grooming shops – two in London, as well as Hong Kong and Dubai – where customers can get wet shaves and steam facials. His products combine conventional credibility with new formula science:

"The truth is, men have always been vainer than women", he says, "it's just that they now have the outlets and tools at their disposal to take care of themselves properly"

And while many men are now looking for anti-ageing and hair loss solutions, Olivier emphasises the importance of taking care of yourself from early on, "instead of impatiently hoping a 45-minute treatment, like a facial, can cure 20 years of abuse".

"I chose the name Gentlemen's Tonic for my grooming line because the word 'gentlemen' is something all men – no matter who they are or where they come from – aspire to be"


1. Try to shave in the shower as the warm water opens up the pores.

2. First, shave with the grain to get most of the hair and then against the grain to polish it off.

3. Splash your face with cold water after shaving to close the pores.





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