“I'm compelled by Claire's clear vision on age prevention and was delighted to give her brand its first retail foothold in the UK via our network of Stylists”

Nancy Cruickshank


"A beautiful cutting-edge skincare line based on the anti-ageing powers of probiotics and flowers."

"I started to develop my brand after working in the pharmaceutical business and being in a position where I could talk to people about skincare issues like dryness and ageing, and hear about the solutions that helped them. It's clear to me that reducing inflammation within the skin and balancing its defence system is critical to keeping it healthy and youthful"

"For me, probiotics, botanicals, antioxidants and vitamins are the keys to achieving this – my products work hard to restore hydration and luminosity."

"My brand took two years of planning; it's hard work being innovative and pushing forward, but I'm loving every minute"


1. Layer serum and moisturiser after cleansing when skin is warm to encourage good absorption of product

2. Allow moisturiser a few minutes to settle before applying makeup

3. Exfoliate with our Refine & Polish Miracle Balm 2-3 times a week to dislodge dry skin cells. Remember to massage in circular motions to boost circulation.

4. Apply our Cell Repair Night Oil just before bed to regenerate skin overnight





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