“Few people know body maintenance better than the Mio founders, an obvious choice for bodycare”

Nancy Cruickshank


"Two pioneering beauty brands delivering dedicated 'skin fitness' support during pregnancy and after working out."

Renowned for the way they turned the beauty business upside-down with their trailblazing pregnancy range Mama Mio, the founders have now created a second brand, Mio especially for gym bunnies. Dedicated to the needs of women who work out, Mio High Intensity Bodycare offers workhorse products with a focus on skin fitness: making skin strong, smooth, glowing and healthy.

The founders believe in positivity – they genuinely want their products to make women feel good – so have invested in creating really effective formulas. This is why Mama Mio – now 8 years young and developed to give high performance support during this challenging time – remains the go-to pregnancy brand for mothers the world over.

"We knew from our own experiences that pregnancy is the first major challenge most women face."


1. Water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables add valuable hydration that can plump up your skin.

2. Help increase circulation when applying skincare products by using deep, upward strokes toward the heart. This massage-like action boosts circulation and improves lymphatic drainage.

3. Naturally rich coloured food produces antioxidants, so eating dark green leafy salads (think kale) help keep your body and skin as fit as possible.

4. Keep skin looking firm and youthful by regularly exfoliating and body brushing. Exfoliation sloughs off old dull skin cells, while brushing improves circulation to encourage the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.





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